Best Carpet Cleaner Tips Freeport, IL

How to Clean Carpet Boss Carpet One

Carpet is the most popular type of flooring for residential homes, and for good reason. It is warm, inviting and comfortable. Just like all floors, though, carpet does require maintenance, and keeping up with it is an important habit to get into. At Boss Carpet One in Freeport, IL, we have the tips and advice to provide you with the best knowledge to care for your carpet. While professional cleaning services may be inevitable at times, more often you are the best carpet cleaner! Read on to find out about some preventative measures that will help to minimize chances of damage as well as keep your carpet fresh.

Protection against Humidity

When you think of carpet and which rooms it is often in, rooms with high moisture like bathrooms and kitchens don’t often come to mind. The reason for this is that carpet does not stand up well to humidity, which can cause a carpet to buckle or ripple. But, usually as the weather begins to even out and dry, the carpet will settle into its original shape and the ripples will disappear. But, buckling can also be caused by improper stretching when you get your carpet installed. In that case you will need to get your carpet re-stretched.


Protection against Furniture and Foot Traffic

While carpet fibers are manufactured to be strong, heavy furniture or a lot of foot traffic can crush carpet fibers and have an impact on your carpet’s health. Although a little bit of crushing is natural over time, you can minimize the impact by using cups or furniture gliders under your furniture. Also, by moving the furniture around occasionally, you will minimize crushing by relieving the heavy traffic areas.

Protection against Sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause a carpet to fade. Carpet is dyed, and once the color begins to fade there is no way to reverse the process or revive the color. The best way to prevent color loss is to limit your floor’s exposure to direct sunlight. You can do this by installing window treatments like blinds or curtains and keeping them closed when you aren’t home. By doing this, you will protect your carpet against ultraviolet light and ensure that your surface will remain fade-free!

To learn more about carpet care or how to clean carpet, call us to speak with a flooring consultant today! Boss Carpet One Freeport is your source of flooring in Freeport, IL and the surrounding areas.