Home Design Ideas Freeport, IL

Design Inspration Boss Carpet One

From a brand new home to a remodel or even just a refresh, every project needs a starting point to be successful. When coming up with ideas for home design, there are many things you’ll want to think about. Things like how you want your room to look while keeping in mind the function of the room are important to consider, and finding inspiration is the best way to get started! At Boss Carpet One in Freeport, IL we are here to help with everything from ideation to implementation. We want to share some easy and inspiring tips for your next project. Give us a call to learn more or come in today! Boss Carpet One Freeport is proud to serve customers throughout Freeport, IL and the surrounding areas.

Bring on the world

Ethnic inspiration and exotic motifs are a very popular trend. Bamboo and cork are two beautiful options that are well suited to most rooms. Bamboo and cork are also eco-friendly products because of the way they are harvested which is always a plus. With so many options for color and finish, you’ll be sure to find a suitable product. Pair these floors with colorful accent furniture, pillows or paintings to complete the look.

Store proudly

If you’re in need of some organization help and you don’t want to skimp on the style, don’t worry. Plastic bins and drawers are a thing of the past! Storage is now being incorporated into the design of a room. From putting in cabinets or shelves under your staircase or kitchen island to hanging decorative mixed material storage units on the wall, making your home a little more organized never looked so good.


Color it in

Colors can really add so much to a room. While you don’t have to go crazy and neutral palates can be beautiful, a pop of color here and there will not only make a room inviting and warm, it will show off your personal tastes. The best part is that color can be used anywhere from bright or patterned window treatments to pillows and art. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme just run with it!

Remember it’s yours

Our last and arguably most important tip is to make your room your own! This is your space and since you’ll be looking it at every day and night for the foreseeable future, make sure it’s a place you love. Take inspiration from your favorite patterns, colors, flowers or designs. Think about your own personal style and see how that might translate into your home.