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The perfect countertops require the perfect material. Your bathroom or kitchen countertops will be used a lot and so from look to how they perform, making the right choice in countertops is key. At Boss Carpet One in Freeport, IL, we carry a variety of countertops from granite to engineered to stone and more, but we know you’re looking for some more information. So, we’ve broken down some of the most popular countertop materials into some varying categories in hopes that we can begin to narrow down your options:


Quartz- quartz is a low-maintenance countertops option. It is stain-resistant, acid-resistant and heat-resistant. Quartz countertops non-porous, meaning they do not need to be sealed like many other countertops do.

Granite- granite countertops are one of the most popular choices amongst homeowners. This is because of their beautiful look and durable, hard surface which is resistant to heat. However, acids and oils need to be cleaned up quickly or they will ruin the seal. Also, every piece of granite naturally varies in look, so matching up slabs for your countertops can get tricky.


Butcher block- wood countertops provide the ideal surface for food-prep. They act just like a cutting board if the wood is properly sealed you can chop right on it. Wood countertops are resistant to heat, so hot pans can be placed straight on without a barrier. Wood countertops are a great budget friendly option since they are comparably more affordable than natural stone.

Laminate- just like they are in flooring, laminate countertops are making a comeback. New advancements have made laminate look like hardwood, stone and tile and have made it more durable than ever. However, laminate is not a heat resistant material. Laminate countertops are available in a variety of colors and styles and are definitely the most budget-friendly option.


Recycled Countertops- with a uniquely mixed look paired with environmentally friendly flare, recycled countertops are great for the environmentally conscious. These countertops are made of a variety of materials including concrete, plastic, glass, paper and composite. Since they are made using many different materials, these countertops are available in so many different looks. You can also opt for strictly glass or strictly concrete countertops for a modern and polished look.


Cambria Countertops Boss Carpet One Freeport, ILCambria Countertops

Stunning. Long-lasting. Made in America. Cambria Quartz.

Boss Carpet One in Freeport, IL is proud to offer a wonderful selection of Cambria countertops. In addition, we carry cabinets and other kitchen related items to deck out the whole room! There are many different choices to make when shopping for countertops such as materials and features. Cambria is made out of 93% quartz which makes it harder than most other surfaces and as such, very durable. The countertops are also available in a variety of colors and designs to fit any taste.

Because of their makeup, Cambria countertops require no maintenance or resealing and they are tough against stains, scratches and other inevitable “life in the kitchen” occurrences!

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